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Big Upcoming News:

The Time has finally come for BRT87 to Rock & Roll !!!!!!!

West Coast Transport

with 27 ft, bed tank and 45 ft pup.

New for 2012

Auto Transport

New for 2012

Super 10 Dump Truck

with Strong-Arm Trailing Axle

New for 2012


Super 16, KW W900S Concrete Mixer.

New for 2016

New from Promotex KW K100 C.O.E

Late December

Aerodyne with Stretched Frame

Flat Top with Stretched Frame

Day Cab with Stretched Frame

Or short Frame with Single or Twin Axle

New 40 and 60 ton heavy haulers

Crane Boom Transport Trailers

Service & Lube Trucks

New 1/87 End Dump and

8, 6, 5 axle Transfer Dump Trucks

Tire Service Trucks for Heavy Equipment

Oil Field Twin Steer Boom Trucks

Brandt Roadrailer

Sewer Vacuum Truck

Canadian Wood Chip Hauler

New Hoods for Kenworth & Peterbilt

Asphalt Tanker Trailers

Chemical Tanker Trailers

50 to 80 Ton Rotator Tow Trucks

Oil Field Trucks

FedEx Expediter Custom Critical Trucks. Photo By: Chris Sissick

Nascar Car Hauler In 1/87 Scale 

Prime Movers and Trailers

Photo's of Prime MoversBy: Richard Olson

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