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New from BRT87 Barrett Bull Wagon!!!!!

The New freightliner classic xl with a 360 inch wheel base showing the new 2 and 3 axle Bull wagons, Also the new bullnose on front of trailers, and all trailer's are 53' ft......

New Back end's as well......

As well as Canadian Spec 53' Quad Axle

With doubles, and spread axle 53'....

New from BRT87 Kenworth K100 C.O.E. Flat Top with Barrett Bull Wagon!!!!!

Livestock Trailers in 4 different Suspensions!!

Choose from standard tandem,

Or the spread axle

Or the multi-axle configuration.

And the Optional liftable, and liftable/steerable 4th axle.

This picture is of a Canadian Spec

.With the 4th axle liftable/steerable

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